1. QUOTATION. When we receive an order, we’ll first analyze the document and offer the best rate and reasonable turnaround time based on the contents, work count, and client’s requirements.
2. TRANSLATION. We’ll only assign one translator on a single order, just to ensure consistent quality and style throughout the documents. On a larger project with greater word count, we’ll establish a project team led by a dedicated project manager, who will assign and coordinate several skilled translators. Before initiating the project, the project manager will first establish bilingual terminology and glossary and develop rules on style and format to control the consistent quality of the project.
3. FIRST REVIEW. After the translation is completed by a translator or project team, the project manager will compare the source texts with the target texts and correct translation errors, grammatical errors, omissions and other mistakes.
4. EDITING. After the first review, a senior editor will be assigned to edit the target texts to control the word accuracy, sentence style and logical consistency of the documents.
5. SECOND REVIEW. After the job of the editor, the translation will be handed over to the second reviewer, who will carefully check the target texts against the source texts to eliminate errors in numbers, units, proper names and other issues.
6. FORMATTING, FINAL REVIEW, DELIVERY. If the client has no specific demands, we’ll adjust the typeface, font size, tables and charts to maintain as practically as possible the original format. After formatting, a final reviewer will check the document for the last time before delivery.