Game Localization
Game localization is not simply a conversion between different languages, but a package of services to reproduce texts, images, UI and marketing materials for the target players so that they can have exactly the same experience with your home players. Additionally, we'll share our unique insight to the cultural, religious and customary contents to make your games accommodate the favor of target gamers. Synergy Translations has a team of skillful linguists and reviewers who are also dedicated gamers to ensure your game will be localized the way they will love to play, so many gamers in their local communities will also love to play. To date we have localized many games for our clients, who are satisfied with our professional and creative services.
Medical and Medical Device Translation
Synergy Translations offers extensive expertise in the translation of documentation for medical science, healthcare and associated devices, satisfying critical client requirements with specialized linguists and reviewers. Particularly important is that offering today, amid the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for information sharing in research and outreach.
Synergy Translations has configured an in-house medical translation team to help control the pandemic and prevent any deeper exposure to world society. Accordingly, we're ready to answer the urgent need for multilingual translation jobs in regard to the pandemic--including clinical research and documentation of medical supplies--and will guarantee the quickest possible turnaround. The team also coordinates interpreting services in a variety of languages to assist in the urgent international effort.
Synergy Translations joins the world in the fight against COVID-19, delivering professional-grade, rapid-response services for timely, accurate communication.
DTP and Bulk Printing

Synergy Translations also offers quality services for clients who require multilingual DTP (desktop publishing) and bulk printing. Thanks to our expertise in MS Office, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw and other DTP tools, we can comfortably accomplish your formatting and publishing objectives with accurate layout matching between the original language and its translated versions. Along with intra-industry documents and materials for mission-critical symposiums, we produce commercial brochures and a wide range of collateral. Moreover, we provide one-stop publishing and bulk printing services for public companies, including translation, design, DTP and printing for reports of yearly results, financial operations and CSR.

Specialized Industries
Synergy Translations delivers professional, reliable language services in all sectors, including: agriculture; automotives; aviation; chemicals; construction; education and overseas study; energy; engineering; environmental protection and reporting; finance and securities; geology and resources; healthcare; immigration; international trade and technical exchange; IT; law and litigation; leases and contracts; life science; literature; and manufacturing.
Language Pairs

Synergy Translations supports translations between Chinese and English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Malay and many other languages. So, not only do we service the most in-demand language pairs, we strive to deliver excellence in every conceivable combination of languages.
Document Types
Synergy language services can accommodate documentation needs of every description, including company profiles, training handouts, user manuals, tenders, contracts and agreements, promotional materials, websites, research papers, résumés, patents, handbooks, audit reports, certificates, diplomas, and many, many more. We also provide translation and DTP services for a wide range of electronic files.
Synergy's highly skilled interpreters deliver the utmost accuracy in simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for conferences, seminars and business meetings. Additionally, we can provide escort interpreting for business trips and events of all sorts.
Other Services
Our specialized services aren't limited to translation. We also offer superb value in proofreading, editing, interpreting equipment rentals, linguist headhunting, transcription, subtitling and film dubbing.